Signs of Allahﷻ‎ #14 – Theia

When the earth was born

When the earth was forming water came to the earth in the form of a storm. The same water came to Mars and Venus but didn’t stay. On earth thanks to its distance from the sun it stayed and remained in its three states; liquid, solid and gas. It has properties totally unlike those of any other liquid. It expands on solidification. It is a universal solvent. It doesn’t freeze solid when it is in a large body. It changes state from liquid to gas and back to liquid and in the process, releases its salts and becomes consumable by humans and animals. Trees grow because of it and convert sunlight and carbon-dioxide into starch using chlorophyll in a process called photosynthesis. They use red and orange light and reflect green and blue light back and so appear green to us. They are really massive solar energy panels, which are free standing, self-sustaining, self-propagating and need no maintenance. They just need to be spared from being destroyed by stupid humans who don’t know that they are really destroying themselves, when they destroy forests.

Collision of the Earth and Theia that formed the moon about 4.5 bya. Theia’s iron core would have sunk into the young Earth’s core, and most of Theia’s mantle, accreted onto the Earth’s mantle. Which also changed the tilt of the earth on its axis to 23.5 degrees which gives us our seasons. The moon is big enough and close enough to exert a gravitational force on the sea to create tides. But more importantly, it is the moon’s gravity that slowed down the earth, which went spinning off after the collision with a day of only 5 hours. Eventually it slowed to our present day of 24 hours.

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