Sahil Bloom’s advice – Part 1

Sahil Bloom’s advice

  1. Build a reputation for reliability.

You can get pretty damn far by just being someone that people can count on to show up and do the work. Being reliable is entirely free.

  1. Be the person who can figure it out

Early on, you’ll be given a lot of tasks you have no idea how to complete. There’s nothing more valuable than someone who can just figure it out. Do some work, ask key questions, get it done. People will fight over you.

  1. Work hard first (and smart later)

It’s trendy to say that working smart is all that matters. Wrong. If you want to accomplish anything significant, you have to work hard. Work hard early—take pride in it. Then you can start to build leverage to work smart.

  1. Build storytelling skills

World-changing CEOs aren’t the smartest in their orgs. They are exceptional at: (1) Aggregating data and (2) Communicating it simply & effectively. Data in, story out. Build that skill and you’ll always be valuable.

  1. “Swallow the frog” for your boss

This is one of the greatest “hacks” to get ahead early in your career. Observe your boss, figure out what they hate doing, learn to do it, and take it off their plate. Easy win.