I Bear Witness

I bear witness

I Bear Witness that there’s nobody worthy of worship except Allahﷻ and I bear witness that Muhammadﷺ is His Last and Final Messenger The Juma lecture (Khutba) is a unique opportunity, that comes fifty two times a year, to address a congregation, which in my case consists of the most educated, highly upwardly mobile, English speaking and youthful population, in our city of Hyderabad. That’s why we decided in 2010 to start this masjid where unlike anywhere else, the Juma (Friday) lecture is in English. My idea was to show our people how Islam is highly relevant to our lives in today’s world.Calling something that happens fifty two times a year, unique, may sound strange, but I mean that every Friday is a unique opportunity to impact someone’s life.The title of this book reflects the fundamental creed of Islam, the worship of Allahﷻ alone. That is what distinguishes us from every other religion. The lectures address different topics of interest to the modern man and woman and seek to interpret and understand the challenges of modern life in the context of Islam. My purpose is to show how Islam can make you a winner in this world and earn for you high reward in the Hereafter.I hope you will find the lectures both interesting and beneficial and request you for your dua.

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