Be present

Being Present….some thoughts of my friend Nasim Chowdhury:

Imaam Al-Himsi, the Imaam of Hims for 60 years, was asked about the reason that he never forgot anything in his prayer, and he said: “I never entered the door of a mosque while there was anyone but Allaah on my mind.”<<<

And it made me think of something:

Because a lot of us are living like zombies, we are just going through the motions and not benefiting from the very things we do which are supposed to treat the multitude of contemporary sicknesses that we are suffering from, like Salah, Dhikr, acts of kindness etc. Because we are are doing these deeds on autopilot they are not having any effect on our hearts.

There are excellent resources (which I have used) out there which teach mindfulness from a dunyawi perspective,like these:

But we need to shift the focus such that faith and good intention are the pillars of it.



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