Signs of Allahﷻ‎ #17 – Sun screen

Sun Screen

The sun hits the earth constantly with  flares of deadly radiation, UV light and heat. But the earth has three shields to protect itself and us from the deadly effect of the sun.

The earth’s core is made up of a cauldron of fire with molten metal, iron and nickel, boiling and turning and radioactive. That produces its own magnetic field that completely surrounds the earth and stretches 400,000 miles into space. That field deflects solar radiation and flares which we see as the Aurora Borealis.

Life in the sea, mostly single celled algae, diatoms and others, photosynthesize and produce a waste material called Oxygen. This, produced by zillions of organisms in the oceans rises into the atmosphere. Ozone is produced naturally in the stratosphere when highly energetic solar radiation strikes molecules of oxygen, O2, and cause the two oxygen atoms to split apart in a process called photolysis. If a freed atom collides with another O2, it joins up, forming ozone O3 and forms a protective layer around the earth.. That shields the earth from the sun’s UV radiation which otherwise would have burned everything exposed to it. If that is destroyed, then life on earth will be finished.

Carbon dioxide which is spewed by volcanoes envelopes the earth and if left as it is traps heat. In a short time, that would cook the earth and all on it. That is why the surface of Venus is 480 C thanks to the thick cloud of Carbon dioxide that covers the planet. So though it is further away from the sun, it is so hot that lead would melt on Venus. On the earth the Carbon dioxide is dissolved by rain and falls to earth and dissolves rock and creates sediment which then washes into our rivers and goes into the ocean. That cools down the earth. However, today human beings are creating 60 times more carbon dioxide than all the volcanoes on the earth put together. If this goes on, then the earth will get hotter and hotter and eventually will become uninhabitable. That is what we need to fight and reduce our CO2 emissions, if we want to survive.

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