Sincerity is the foundation

Indeed when Allahﷻ‎ intends good for a slave, He strips away sight of his good deeds from his heart, and their mention from his tongue, and causes him to become preoccupied with his sins, and they continue to be before his eyes until he enters Jannah.

(Ibn al-Qayyim)


Kushairi relates :A person wanted to test the Akhlaq of Shaikh Abu Othman Al Heeri and so he invited him for a meal. When the Shaikh arrived he said to him, “I don’t know you. Who are you?” The Shaikh went away. The man then went behind him and called him back. But when he returned he did the same. He did this five times at the end of which he apologised and said that he was testing the teacher. He also praised the Shaikh for his patience. The Shaikh said to him, “Please don’t praise me because you only praising what any dog will do. You call him he comes you shoo him away he goes.”

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