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One of the best articles that I have ever read. I wrote my Family Business book just like this, so I know it works. My Juma Khutba books are another great example. My system is one Khutba every week. The result is three complete books of 52, Khutbas each and the fourth one in progress – each one is approximately 700 pages. So also my new book, It’s my Life, is the result of documentation of life long learning. I don’t think I would have even attempted this if I had called it a goal.

Islamically speaking also, this is what we do. The purpose of Salah is to connect with Allahﷻ. But we are not told to have that as a goal but to have a system where we don’t miss a single Salah and try to pray that in the masjid (men). This is like the sports team example he gives in the article – winning depends on what you do on the field every single day. So connecting with Allahﷻ is a factor of how regularly and sincerely we pray. Do it well enough and you will succeed.

It is sporadic unsystematic work that is the enemy of quality. And systems, which enable the highest levels of quality. Systems can be monitored and measured. And there is the secret of success. What we can measure we can control. Only what we can control, can we deliver. Quality is delivery.

Compare this also with Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule (Outliers) and Geoff Colvin’s ‘thoughtful practice (Talent is Overrated). All are talking about the power of the system over merely having inspiring goals.

Having said that, the key to systems is discipline. Of remaining steadfast of the system. Not making excuses. Two things critical to that: wanting the end result badly enough and a sense of urgency about it. Only then will you put in metrics and constantly monitor results. Without discipline the system will fail.

Happy reading and even happier implementing:

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

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  1. Really systems are to be in place to achieve our goals, without this it is wishes and you can have thousands of wishes which will never be fulfilled. Hats off to you , Yawar bhai.

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