The game is skewed in our favor

Difference in reward between 8 Raka’at and 20 Raka’at

Calculation basis: 47 letters in one line of the Qur’an x 15 lines per page x 1 page per Raka’a (Osmani i.e. Arabic script Mushaf)

In 8 Raka’at of Taraweeh

47 letters x 10 Hasanaath x 15 lines x 8 pages = 56,400

142 letters (Fatiha) x 10 Hasanaath x 8 Raka’at = 11,360

Total for 8 Raka’at = 67,760

In 20 Raka’at of Taraweeh

47 letters x 10 Hasanaath x 15 lines x 20 pages = 141,000

142 letters (Fatiha) x 10 Hasanaath x 20 Raka’at = 28,400

Total for 20 Raka’at = 169,400

Difference between the reward (Hasanaath) for 20 Raka’at and 8 Raka’at =
169,400 (minus) 67,760 = 101,640

What the 8 Raketeers are missing = 101,640 Hasanaath per day

That is a total of 101,640 x 30 days = 3,049,200 Hasanaath in the whole of Ramadan.

And of course Allahﷻ‎ increases the reward of everything 70 times in Ramadan

Why is that important?

Because the difference between Jannah and Jahannam is 1 Hasana.

Please don’t forget that the reward of Nafl is equal to that of Fardh in Ramadan, so we are getting the reward of Fardh Salah when we pray Taraweeh.

Final thought:

If you choose to miss these Hasanaath for no valid reason especially when to get them, all you had to do was stand still and listen to the Qur’an being recited in Taraweeh, what does it say about your real belief in the Aakhira?

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